Why DomiNations War Game is so Crazy Addictive


DomiNation is a rewarding and interesting War Game that is worth giving a try. It comes with unique graphics that will offer players remarkable experience. Why DomiNations War Game is so Crazy Addictive: Subtle Still Effective IAPs, Resource Administration with Retention in Mind and Fast and Pleasing Game Play.

1. Subtle Still Effective IAPs

The in-app acquisition representation of this game is instinctive, reasonable and well incorporated within the usual flow of game play, once it asks users to pony up. You will be provided with a starter pack of resources loaded with crowns, food and more, in the first two or three days of playing the game. It is not assertive, while the offer lasts longer than the same monetization strategies do some other tactic games.

2. Resource Administration with Retention in Mind

Right from the beginning, DomiNations advances in a silky, steady manner that does not compel users to spend a lot of cash to move ahead. It is a good mobile game that focuses initially on maintaining and engaging users prior to translating them to paying players.

Those that developed this game kept things easy and friendly by making the first few battles just taxing enough to really get the players ready for the real task ahead. In addition, players begin with sufficient money to purchase the resources required to advance to the next stage — which is not usually the case in other tactic-orients mobile games that frequently need up-front venture to move beyond early stages.

3. Fast and Pleasing Game Play

Before designing this wonderful game, its developers clearly have long-standing player engagement in mind, unlike other strategy games that always expect players to wait for two or more days to build an army or house. With DomiNations War Game, there is no task that will take you more than one day. This is what is attracting players to keep going back to the game frequently as there are regular updates.

Moreover, you can hunt wild animals you come across in the forest, which is really a fun and exceptional addition to the game. It comes with attractive graphics, and it is included slickly to resemble a fun mini game inside the bigger DomiNations world.

Lastly, the game is ironically simple nevertheless intricate. The later stages let users customize the game in creative ways—such as building one out of the Seven Wonders of the World, and select the historical empire your armies represent.


Download DomiNations War Game.


  • There is more to do than in other building games
  • The game flawlessly combines elements from Civ-style tactic into base building
  • Decision-oriented gameplay keeps the experiences of the players unique


  • The developers need to refine the multiplayer matchmaking.
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