Game of War – Fire Age Review


Fire Age War Game is described as a strategy and action freemium mobile extraordinarily multiplayer online video game developed and published by Machine Zone. In this game, players forms the kings a sterile city, tasked to build a great empire by Athena. Players can form a union to guide themselves from being attacked by other players and with the mission of taking over the cities of their enemies.

Game of War – Fire Age comes with an exclusive social system where chat is automatically interpreted into the chosen language of the player, making it possible to communicate with other people from all over the world. This 2D strategy game is on Android and iOS platforms.

You can join alliances, train warriors, upgrade structures and build your empire in Ancient Greece with the aim of taking part in group warfare or getting help from others. You can easily level up, customize your Hero and level up with more than a few RPG elements in this strategy game. Use the built-in translator and international servers to chat with users from all the nooks and corners of the world.

Game of War Key Features

  • Unique Social SystemThis is an incorporated translator that allows all international players to communicate.
  • Robust Equipment Crafting Systemcraft and perk up your weapons to have the strongest empire.
  • Hero Customization – This feature allows you to customize, equip armor and level up your Hero.
  • Alliance System This feature is band together with other players to become the most prevailing Alliance in the world.
  • 2D Strategy MMOmobile empire-building strategy game with a focus on PvP.


  • Refined interface and gameplay.
  • Good equipment crafting system.
  • Exceptional social system.


  • You have to pay to win in the game.

Game of War – Fire Age is a wonderful and breathtaking war game with astonishing features that will offer you the best gaming experience. It has exceptional social system with refined interface and gameplay. Download here.

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