Battlefield 1 Review


One of the highest rated action games for 2016, maybe the best war-based game ever, this masterpiece war game is Battlefield 1, designed by EA DICE, as we used to see from them the perfection and the stunning focusing on details, it is the fifteenth part of Battlefield series, this game bring us back through the main gate to the series again, Since Battlefield 4 (which was released on November, 2016) we have been waiting to go back to the series again that’s exactly what Battlefield 1 did, Battlefield 1 was released on October 21, 2016.

With a rate of 9/10 at GameSpot and 4.6/5 on PlayStation store, Battlefield makes its mark on 2016, it was one of the bestselling in late 2016 and still on the bestselling list till now as we are in the beginning of 2017, it tells us the story of shooter who sets in various locations during world war I, as you progress through the game, you will assume the role of fighter pilot, rebel fighter, armor crewman and much more, you can use different weapons starting from knives and reaching grenades, passing through varieties of pistols, rifles and even machine guns.

Battlefield launched with nine maps and six modes, including Conquest Domination, the famous Team Deathmatch, Operations (missions), Rush and War Pigeons, the Multiplayer maps take us on tour during the World War I in the following regions: Arabian lands, the western front and the Alps.

The graphics in Battlefield shows a great improvement than the previous versions, you can greatly notice the difference of the colors, which was (for me) far away from natural, but they work on it in Battlefield 1 and give us this astonishing graphics, you will also find this improvement in  the details, like the walls of the different buildings, and the panorama looking of natural views.

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