WarGame AirLand Battle Review


WarGame AirLand Battle is an interesting, more easily reached, stunning and richer game for Smartphone. Apart from being impressive in solo play, this War Game is more engaging on the Internet. AirLand Battle WarGame comes with ultra-full multiplayer modes that will allow about 20 players to play at the same time.

Highlights of AirLand Battle War Game

The highlights of playing AirLand Battle War Game are:

  • Holding the line
  • Knocking out tanks with a canon premeditated to propel barriers such as barricades
  • Beating a numerically superior Warsaw Pact invasion of Scandinivia
  • Burn the whole forests to the ground with napalm strikes
  • Storming Swedish beach like Soviet naval infantry.
  • Forcing a particular fight to a draw by just hanging on to the last reinforcement until the time limit.
  • Playing a goofy army of T-34-85 tank rush.
  • Playing a goofy army of airplanes, helicopters and infantry in helicopters.


  • The game is quite easy and fun to play
  • It has got a number of tremendous dynamic campaigns that make each battle meaningful and throw a lot of fascinating tactical curveballs at you as abrasion takes its toll on your essential units.
  • It has some of the best graphics of any War Game or RTS.
  • Quite interesting and engaging
  • Ultra-Complete multiplayer modes that will let 20 players play all together.


  • Largely unintuitive inputs

Download here for PC and iPhone.

AirLand Battle is a game you must have, if you are really interested in the Cold War era. It restructures the fast-paced and unusually deadly atmosphere of the World War. It is one of the best fun games you can play at your leisure. It is highly recommended!

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