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The Walking Dead Our World AR Game


The new augmented reality game, The Walking Dead: Our World is currently on its way from Next Games. This is the same Finnish studio that brought you The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, which has been downloaded itself, more than

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Battlefield 1 Review


One of the highest rated action games for 2016, maybe the best war-based game ever, this masterpiece war game is Battlefield 1, designed by EA DICE, as we used to see from them the perfection and the stunning focusing on details,

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Why DomiNations War Game is so Crazy Addictive


DomiNation is a rewarding and interesting War Game that is worth giving a try. It comes with unique graphics that will offer players remarkable experience. Why DomiNations War Game is so Crazy Addictive: Subtle Still Effective IAPs, Resource Administration with Retention

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WarGame AirLand Battle Review


WarGame AirLand Battle is an interesting, more easily reached, stunning and richer game for Smartphone. Apart from being impressive in solo play, this War Game is more engaging on the Internet. AirLand Battle WarGame comes with ultra-full multiplayer modes that

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Why Clash of Clans Mobile War Game is so Popular


Clash of Clans War Game for Smartphone is described as a 2D strategy hybrid and village builder game with a massive community and consistent popularity. Players assemble resources such as dark elixir, elixir and gold to build a kingdom with

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Best 3 War Games for PC


Welcome again to our best 3 battle bench mark certain to determine the bravery and raise the spirits of the discerning combat seethe. This time round, we have cooked a list of the best 3 games for Pc guaranteed for

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Best 3 War Games for Android


Unexpected playoffs are dime-a-dozen on app stores, but what about war games? Well, there are several war games right to our mobile handsets. While these games may not be as decent as PC or comfort games, they provide new gameplay

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Best 3 War Games for iPhone


If you are a gamer and you own an iPhone, it your time to make a new step in your gaming experience. The iPhone offers a great platform for gaming making it a handset that everyone is craving for. With

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